Women Leaving NYC Construction Industry reports that there has been a troubling drop in women construction workers.

  • Of the 238,800 men and women who reported working in the New York City building industry in 2014, men — both white and Hispanic — dominated the workforce, while the percentages of   women and minorities dropped, according to a New York Building Congress analysis of census data.
  • White workers represented 41% of the city’s construction industry, while Hispanics represented 38%. Both blacks and Asians dropped a percentage point from 2013 to come in at 12% and 9%, respectively. The percentage of women workers, however, dropped the most — two points down to 7%.
  • Among the drop in women in the industry, the largest decrease was among women who never attended college — 4,588 workers down from 9,220 in 2013. However, the number of women in the industry with at least a partial college education increased 3% to 12,008 from 11,649.

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