Labor/Management Team to Advance Supervisor Training Program 

This summer, IUPAT District Council 14 in Chicago hosted a pilot for the iFTI’s newly revised Supervisor Training Program (STP). 

The iFTI STP is a foundational program designed to teach individuals “running work” the essential knowledge, hard skills and soft skills to succeed in the supervisory role. The program intends to strengthen the abilities of project supervisors at all levels and provide the basics of supervision to improve understanding of the supervisor’s job regardless of length of experience.
The four days of training was broken into two days of student training and two days of candidate instructor training.

In all, 11 new instructors, including at least one IUPAT contractor, completed the program and have been provided the tools to teach this program at the district council level. Candidate instructors delivered 30 minute teach-back presentations on an STP lesson of their choice. There was a lot of experience in the room and detailed and valuable discussions ensued to improve upon an already successful program.

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