IUPAT Apprentice Saves a Life

Orlando, FL – IUPAT Apprentice Licurgo Leal Velasquez is applauded as a good Samaritan for his quick and decisive action in saving a life.  On Friday, June 7, 2019, Edward Dahl of Deltona was driving his pickup truck near the Orlando International Airport around 7:30AM when he suffered a “blackout.”  The pickup, with Dahl inside, ended up submerged in a large retention pond.  Apprentice Licurgo Leal Velasquez witness the pickup sinking into the pond and, along with two other Samaritans, quickly entered the pond. He swam to the submerged pickup, located Dahl, who was unresponsive, and rescued him through the driver’s side window.

IUPAT apprentice Licurcgo Leal with Edward Dahl.

“I don’t remember much,” said Dahl, who was able to meet his rescuers on Tuesday. “ I’m am very grateful to everybody.  I wouldn’t be here to see them, my family, your family, without you guys” Dahl said while barely holding back tears.