IFTI: Curriculum Committee Meetings Crucial to IUPAT Training

Superior training and curriculum is what separates the IUPAT journey workers and apprentices on a job site from our non-union counterparts.  One of the most crucial ways we ensure our curriculum and training remains state-of-the-art and up to date is the formation of curriculum committees.  Each year, the IFTI selects trainers and journey workers from the field to participate in these committees to work page by page through current curriculum in our crafts and suggest and write the updates they deem necessary. It is a nearly year-long process done by remote and in person at the IUPAT International Training Center in Hanover, Maryland.

Special thanks to those who serve on the Glazing and Industrial Paint Curriculum Committees and recently met on the IUPAT Campus in Hanover, Maryland.

Glazing – Erik Schorken (DC 16), Chad Dolton (DC 3), Mark Weisenberg (DC 4), Chris Wall (DC 91), Matt Fox (DC 21), LMCI Glazing Industry Liaison Tim Stricker, Alex Beltran (DC 16).

Industrial Painting – John Lachapelle (DC 11), Jim McAlister (DC 80), Joe Karash (DC 9), Walter “Glenn” Wilson (DC 77), Danny Calderon (DC 9), Mark Braunstein (DC 4), Gary Jones (DC 5), Rick Harmony (DC 39), Don McClain (DC 36), Joseph Tyrakowski (DC 14), Daniel Valdivia (DC 30), Mike Iftody (DC 17), LMCI Industry Liaison Rick Matthews.