Finishing First Update – The Latest on iFTI & Labor Management Efforts During Covid-19 Lockdown

Covid-19 Update

UPDATED June 10, 2020

iFTI/Finishing First LMCI Updates

First – Some Numbers

The iFTI cut expenses by 49% to ensure essential operations including distance learning (see below).

The iFTI is covering the cost of all 3rd party LMS courses between 1/1/20 and 6/30/20.

The iFTI is covering the cost of all off-campus SSPC classes from 1/1/20 to 6/30/20.

Finishing First LMCI is seeking opportunities to help by making $2,000,000 available for COVID-19 relief assistance grants to affiliates.

Some of the core functions of Finishing First/LMCI are to promote the IUPAT in our industries through advertising, trade shows, industry events and face-to-face meetings throughout North America. As we now sit “on hold” in North America for (at least) the month of April and we cannot gather in meetings or events – the Finishing First/LMCI has cut expenses by 62%.

Coronavirus – Covid-19 Fact Sheet and Webinar

At the beginning of 2020, the iFTI formalized the hiring of Bernie Mizula to as our Industrial Hygienist expert to address safety issues IUPAT members face in our industries.

He has provided two resources to educate members and contractors on the Covid-19 issue. More resources are being developed in the coming weeks and will be offered to all, including work site recommendations for once we are all back on the job.

Find the Covid-19 Fact Sheet to download HERE.

Watch a webinar on the virus and its impact on our members and workplaces HERE.

All IUPAT members have been automatically assigned to the COR 195 Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees course.

  1. Under the LMS My Account page, go to the Learning Activities section.
  2. Find COR 195 Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees course (sort by clicking the gray toolbar or use CTRL+F).
  3. Click Go button.
  4. On the Course Page, you can:
    -Click the Coronavirus webinar presented by Bernie Mizula link under course description or
    -Download the additional resources shared by the District Councils under the Course Materials section.

Providing LMS Training to District Councils

Distance learning is our new future for much of what we do in the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades and the International Finishing Trades Institute.

The online iFTI Learning Management System (LMS) was launched years ago as a supplement to our hands-on training, and it is now one of our primary resources to keep the training going for when we all get through this pandemic.

The iFTI immediately hosted two LMS Admin Webinars on March 18th and 19th on how to use LMS and register members for classes and course work.  Find that webinar recording HERE.

The iFTI is hosting another LMS online workshop to be announced soon.

Enhanced Distanced Learning Strategy– 

Because this is a fairly new frontier for training in the trades, the iFTI staff researched and developed a distance learning strategy document that was delivered to the IUPAT directors of training. That information and access to resources is HERE.

On the Horizon

  • The iFTI will be adding over 300 professional development courses that will be made available to our members and contractors.
  • Micro-learning videos are being developed to enhance our distance learning.
  • The iFTI is enhancing its curriculum for ICRA and additional Covid-19 courses. Also, additional curriculum for Mental First Aid.

Finally – Be Well and Take Care of Each Other

The iFTI and Finishing First have created where IUPAT members and their families can find the resources to help those struggling with substance use disorder and other mental health needs.

Visit the site to download educational materials and find all the phone numbers you need to get assistance for yourself or give help to those you care about.