Details on Biden Infrastructure Proposal

As President Biden continues to tout his infrastructure proposal across the United States, outlets are beginning to break down the numbers of this $2 trillion plan.

From NPR:

The $2 trillion proposal includes:

  • $115 billion to repair and rebuild bridges, highways and roads;
  • $100 billion to expand high-speed broadband across the entire country;
  • $100 billion to upgrade and build new schools;
  • and $100 billion to expand and improve power lines and spur a shift to clean energy.

Embedded within the plan are efforts to build out U.S. clean energy infrastructure that, by itself, would rank as one of the most ambitious initiatives ever by the federal government to lower the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, along with efforts to address racial inequalities and advance the U.S. economy to compete with China.

Of course, it will come down to politics as to what the President signs on his desk when it comes to infrastructure. Read more HERE, HERE and HERE.