Another Step Toward Glazier Certification

This week, in Hanover at the IUPAT International Training Center, members of a committee representing labor, contractors and manufacturers gathered for two days to work on a glazier certification program being developed by AMS. Administrative Management Systems, Inc, (AMS) provides single contact coordination of certification and inspection services between fabricators and installers of fenestration products (glass, windows, doors, skylights, glazing systems).

The IUPAT met with glazing industry contractors, manufacturers and specialists to draft curriculum for the glazier certification program.

The IUPAT is working with fellow glazing industry specialist to develop both a worker glazing certification, and one for contractors.  This meeting served as a step closer for the worker certification by drafting the written part of the certification testing, as well as reviewing the physical based testing.

USGlass Magazine Covers the Glazier Certification Initiative

This was a big step in getting the glazing certification program recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in late 2018 or early 2019, and in the field. The committee will meet again in the fall of 2018 to continue their work.