With the finishing trades’ ever-increasing innovations, technologies and safety regulations, the need for qualified craftspeople has never been greater. The International Finishing Trades Institute (IFTI), the education and training department for the IUPAT and its contractors, fills this need by providing comprehensive craft worker training and certification programs for both Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialists (CAS) and Architectural Glass and Metal Technicians (AGMT).

These certifications assure building and facility owners, general contractors, specifiers, architects, engineers and other stakeholders that their finishing work will be performed to the highest standard – resulting in the best possible end product.

Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (AGMT)

The International Finishing Trades Institute and the IUPAT worked with the Architectural Glass and Metal Certification Council (AGMCC) and other glazing industry leaders to create this American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited glazier certification.

The number of AGMT certified glaziers in the IUPAT are on the rise, giving glazing contractors and users the quality installation they require.

The certification test covers glazing theory, quality control, tools of the trade, construction documents and layout, sealants and gaskets, systems and water management. The physical test focuses on proper methods of installing curtainwall, storefront and sealants. Safety skills are also part of the testing.

Learn more about the AGMT certification program HERE.

North America Contractor Certification (NACC)

The North American Contractor Certification Program for Architectural Glass Contractors (NACC) provides professionally administered third-party certification of glazing contractors.

The certification focuses on business practices, quality, competency and safety. The benefits of NACC for glazing contractors include:

  • Increased recognition and market potential for certified contractors
  • More surety and confidence in products and process
  • Improved competency in business practices and on the job site – which means saved costs
  • Reduced failed projects and reworks

Learn more about how you can take your company to the next level of competitiveness in the glazing industry HERE.

Coatings Application Specialist (CAS)

Industrial painting has become a highly technical profession, with the introduction of more sophisticated coatings and application techniques.

Just as welders, electricians, and other skilled professionals are qualified by nationally recognized certification, there is one for industrial coating, as well.

The IUPAT is qualifying its industrial coating workforce under the Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist Certification (CAS). Based on the requirements of NACE 13/SSPC ACS-1, the CAS certification gives contractors the competitive edge by having a qualified, professional workforce on every project.

Training required includes courses in surface preparation and coating materials, quality control and assurance, and health and safety awareness. Specialty courses include electrostatic spray, powder coatings, thermal spray and pipeline coatings.

CAS Whitepaper

Contact your local IUPAT District Council to learn more on getting your team of industrial coaters CAS certified to build your business.