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Local Highways & Bridges

Our highways, bridges and overpasses provide passage to a steady stream of vehicles, drivers and passengers every single day. And with each passing moment, these structures age and deteriorate. The reality is, it’s only a matter of time until more severe (and costly) action will be necessary. Now is the time to take action at the local and state level.

To learn more about how The Coating Solution Forum can help start to fix this ongoing problem — play the presentation and click on the map to find the structurally deficient bridges in your area.

What is Corrosion?

Much like the rusting of steel, corrosion is the disintegration of metal through an unintentional chemical or electrochemical action that begins on its surface. It is a natural, yet controllable process.

Causes of Corrosion

Water / moisture, acids, bases, salts, oils, and other solid or liquid chemicals … essentially any element or condition that interrupts the integrity of metal in its solid state in a respective environment.

Costs of Corrosion

Without corrosion mitigation to our national infrastructure the threat to our environment and public safety is real and substantial. The economic impact is also a significant concern:

Negative effect on U.S. economy = $500 billion per year. That’s about $1,500 per citizen.*

  • Source: NACE International, United States Cost of Corrosion Study

Corrosion Prevention

Using the stringent NACE 13/ACS 1 Standard, qualified coating experts are able to suspend the deterioration process. Extended structural life, lower maintenance and peace of mind – the net benefits of taking a proactive approach.