Work from LMCI Finishing Industries Forum 2017 Continues in 2018

Last December, committees comprised of members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT), IUPAT employers and industry leaders and activists met at the LMCI Finishing Industries Forum (FIF) with the goal of addressing four of the top critical issues we face today – Recruitment and Retention, Substance Abuse & Suicide Prevention, Expanding Market Share in Industrial Coatings, and Expanding Market Share in Glazing.

In April, the Painters and Allied Trades LMCI gathered leaders from IUPAT labor and management to address the challenges ahead to expand market share in the glazing industry to create more work for glazing contractors and the IUPAT workforce.

In April, the FIF committee addressing a campaign to expand market share in glazing reconvened in Oakland, California.  For two days, members representing labor and management worked together to propose solutions and the means to develop an effective marketing campaign that clearly defines the value of IUPAT training, the skills-set members have in the field and the best business practices of the glazing contractors that employ the IUPAT workforce and lead in the glazing industry.  It doesn’t stop with this meeting.  Timelines have been set to report out on progress by the committee with the aim to have a campaign in full motion beginning later this year.

Meetings are already planned for the other three initiatives in June and July, as well, with the goal to set the same timeframe for action in 2018-2019.