The iFTI Launches On-the-Job Learning Tool

The International Finishing Trades Institute (iFTI) has been working with IUPAT district councils to develop the On-the-Job Learning (OJL) and Related Instruction (RI) tool, and it was successfully launched in November. It is designed to have a universal single point of entry to track apprentice hours, compare and verify members’ reported hours, provide progress reports to apprentices, and enable reporting synchronized with the iFTI LMS and IMSe system database.

The OJL project aims to simplify the apprentice reporting of hours, reduce the administrative time required of the district councils, and capture these hours for reporting purposes.

The project was developed in coordination with the LMS, IMSe, IUPAT app, our IT. The project leaders also want to give a special thanks to the members of the OJL Task Force group.

The OJL feature is now available on the IUPAT app, you can download the app at The App Store or Google Play by search IUPAT – Click here for more info.