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Case Study

Delaware Area Career Center

Installing and individually wiring 15,000 sq. feet of glass panels so smart, each one senses and adapts to the weather.

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Location: Delaware, Ohio

Project: Expand the existing campus with a 85,000 square foot renovation and 100,000 square foot addition

Completed: 2019

Architect: SHP

Construction Manager: Elford Construction

Curtain Wall Manufacturer: Graham Architectural Products

Storefront & Door Manufacturer: YKK AP America

Glazing Contractor: American Architectural Glass, Inc.

Glass Manufacturer: View Dynamic Glass

Scope of Work: Install dynamic glass for 13,000 square feet of curtain wall and 1,000 of the 7,000 square feet of storefront framing. Wire each glass panel individually to a control panel attached to roof sensors and to an accessible area within the building, and hide all wiring. Install 4,000 square feet of fiberglass sandwich panels.

Vibrant innovation defines the Delaware Area Career Center, which is designed to engage and build excitement about technical training in an atmosphere of creative comfort. Featuring dynamic glass, each window panel is individually wired with intelligent controls that automatically adjust for optimal daylight, energy savings and comfort. The open spaces foster collaborative and individualized learning, with classrooms that flow into a learning commons and central gathering area with a media center and cafeteria. It’s a next-generation masterpiece where education not only lives; it thrives.

American Architectural Glass, Inc. (AAG) was selected to install and individually wire dynamic glass in 13,000 square feet of curtain wall and approximately 1,000 of the 7,000 square feet of storefront framing, and to install 4,000 square feet of fiberglass sandwich panels.

“The remarkable skill level of our IUPAT glaziers allowed them to quickly master this innovative new system and its wiring.”

Michelle Baker, Project Manager
American Architectural Glass, Inc.

The Challenge

This was one of the largest installations ever for this type of glass –– and AAG glaziers had never done this type of wiring before. The owner wanted every component to be accessible, yet hidden, and to be controlled both automatically and manually. This meant the designated controller for each piece of glass, and all wiring, needed to be out of view and attached to both the roof sensor and an accessible place within the building. Adding to the difficulty, a long hold in construction turned this into a rush project.   

The Solution

AAG, worked closely with the glass manufacturer, both in pre-planning and on the job site, to make sure every aspect of the dynamic glass system worked perfectly. While outside electricians were originally considered for the wiring, the glaziers were able to master it. With the assistance of the manufacturer, they devised a curtain wall framing system to hide the designated controllers while also making them easily accessible. The control panels were then wired to the roof sensor and also, for manual access, snaked into closets. All wires were hidden in the drywall, ceilings and other structures. To complete the project on time, up to 18 glaziers worked on the project simultaneously –– making the near-impossible a reality.

The IUPAT Industry Partner Advantage

“I don’t think we could have even taken on this project if our glaziers, including our foreman, weren’t part of the IUPAT,” said Michelle Baker, Project Manager of AAG “Their ability to quickly master both a high-tech dynamic glass system and its wiring is testimony to their training and high skill level. In fact, it’s the only project of its size where glaziers did all wiring.”