May 3: IFTI on VR Webinar Panel with Engineering News Record

The IUPAT and IFTI are regarded as leaders in utilizing virtual reality (VR) in training among the Building Trades and we were recently invited by Engineering News Record to participate in a webinar addressing the impact of automation, VR and augmented reality (AR) in the workplace.

The May 3 webinar is open for all to register and attend. It begins at 2:00PM EASTERN.  Register by clicking HERE.

John Burcaw, strategic initiatives coordinator for the FTI and Painters and Allied Trades LMCI, will be representing the IUPAT in the webinar discussion described as follows:

Automation and Workers: How to be Happy Together

START DATE: 5/3/2018



Automation may displace 49% of craft-worker tasks in the next generation, says a study by consultant McKinsey—but robots and VR can’t do everything themselves!

This webinar will explore the human elements of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and new devices on job sites, as well as how trainers and developers are incorporating critical human interactions in how technologies and devices are deployed and how well they are embraced on site.

Learn how worker skills must co-exist with the new tools, and play a key role in shaping construction automation design and implementation, to boost craftworker and AE staff use and productivity, and project benefits.

The webinar is open for all to register and attend.  Register by clicking HERE.