Labor and Management Offer a New Kind of “Apprenticeship”

Traditionally, when you think of an apprenticeship in the Finishing Trades, the work is done in training centers across North America, and with on the job training. Now, thanks to IUPAT labor and management working together, there’s a new kind of “apprenticeship” available to IUPAT members – in estimating.

Estimating Essentials is a course offered to IUPAT contractors who want to introduce a recent company hire, an up and coming journey worker or a foremen whose skills they want to develop to broaden their career opportunities in construction and estimating, as well as give the company another trained estimator.

Estimating Essentials is bringing a new kind of apprenticeship to the IUPAT and its industry partners.

This two-day educational course for the apprentice estimator and a mentor covers all the steps to effectively develop a winning bid. It includes classroom and hands-on estimating practice, from document review through quantity takeoff and the calculation of all direct and indirect costs, concluding with the total price bid.

Topics include:

  • Contracts and other bid documents
  • Quantity takeoff
  • Direct costs
  • Indirect costs, contingencies and overhead
  • Common errors made and how to avoid them
  • Practice estimates
  • Internet resources and tools

Classes are currently being held different areas across North America and well received by the students. Students are asked to make comments in a review, and the feedback has been very promising for the class to continue to develop and succeed.

“I believe this course should be offered to every new signatory company that has new estimators.”

“The class was the best construction training class.”

“This was a great class. I have only been estimating for three years, and this class showed me that I am doing things correctly and on the right track to succeed.”

Visit under programs to learn more about Estimating Essentials and the other programs your labor and management leaders are creating for union members and the companies they work for.