IUPAT Labor and Management Investing in a Competitive Edge

A strong labor-management partnership in the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades always strives to create and foster and a competitive edge in the industry for IUPAT union companies and labor. A crucial part of that competitive edge for the IUPAT and its industry partners has always been training. Apprentices in the IUPAT are offered the best in training and education in the Finishing Trades through the IUPAT Finishing Trades Institute, but that training doesn’t stop with apprenticeship, it goes well beyond into the careers of our journey workers as well.

An example of labor and management working together to accomplish the above goals is our investment in the Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (AGMT) certification. The IUPAT is working with other industry leaders and manufacturers and the Architectural Glass and Metal Certification Council to create this American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited glazier certification. This third party accreditation by ANSI ensures that testing for the certification remains neutral in the industry.

IUPAT labor and management have been working together to invest and execute the AGMT glazier certification with other industry leaders, including manufacturers, to take the glazing industry to the next level in installation and safety.

“However,” added FTI Director Anton Ruesing. “Our glazing apprenticeship program and our journey worker training definitely give our members a significant advantage when it comes to the certification testing, because our training programs are so advanced.”

The certification test covers glazing theory, quality control, tools of the trade, construction documents and layout, sealants and gaskets, systems and water management. The physical test focuses on proper methods of installing curtainwall, storefront and sealants. Safety skills are also part of the testing.

Beta testing for the AGMT certification has been taking place throughout the United States, including at IUPAT training centers, and our glaziers have a more than 80 percent rate of passing. A great start in taking the industry to the next level. It is going to be an important year for IUPAT glaziers as this certification becomes more widely available in 2019.