Finishing First iFTI Bernie Mizula Answers Question on Fall Protection Equipment

Bernie Mizula has been providing industrial hygiene consulting and training services in general practice for over 24 years. His professional practice includes chemical exposure assessment, indoor air quality (IAQ), occupational noise and vibration, health physics, heat and cold stress, ergonomics and the application of the Hierarchy of Controls. He joined the Finishing First and iFTI team in early 2020 to address jobsite health issues that that arise from hazards such as PCBs, lead and asbestos. 

This week he discusses Fall Protection Equipment. Read more below the video.

Protection Standard(s) does not require logs to be kept. However, it is a best
practice to create and maintain maintenance inspection records and these should be kept on site in an accessible area for workers. Personal fall protection system inspections are required (1910.140(c)(18) and 1926.502(d)(21))are required before initial use and before each work shift and fall protection training logs are required (1926.503(b)) to ensure workers were trained by a competent person (1926.503(a)(2)) for inspection of fall protection systems (1926.503(a)(2)(ii)). Lastly, as a best practice, additionally, an annual, documented inspection should be performed by a trained, competent person to the criteria set forth by the manufacturer and user instruction manual provided with the equipment at time of shipment.