Fundamentals Of Successful Contracting

Targeted at individuals seeking to advance in their field or run their own contracting business, this course covers the fundamental skills required to successfully do so, including strategy development, financial management, operational effectiveness and the basics of strong project management.

This leading-edge course is taught by industry experts at Maxim Consulting Group, a team of seasoned construction professionals who have worked with hundreds of contractors to improve their business performance, and retired IUPAT contractor Bob Swanson, formerly president of a leading painting and drywall company in Minnesota, Swanson & Youngdale, Inc.

The tuition for this two-week program is $3,000, which includes a room and all meals.

Courses Include:

Income Statement and Balance Sheets
The interrelationship of basic financial documents are reviewed including balance sheets, income statements and statements of cash flow.

Employment Law
Understanding the challenges of hiring, firing and keeping employees is crucial for every member of the management team.

Cash Flow Strategies
Covering the contractual negotiation strategies, pricing and bidding practices, development of cost and resource-loaded schedules that tie to billing activities in the schedule of values, use of the 12-week cash flow forecasts, project closeout procedures, and managing the billings and collection cycle.

Contracts for Contractors
The pitfalls and lessons that everyone should be watching for on their contracts are reviewed, and instructors share cases that illustrate the importance of thorough contract administration.

Project Planning and Scheduling
This session examines the value and the positive impact of a well-planned project and explores the different types of plans that can be developed.

Driving Project Success: Keys to Improving Productivity
This session explains how the project manager improves productivity by reviewing the keys to minimizing waste and inefficiencies.

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